Our Procurement Approach

At Orian, wherever we can use local suppliers to provide ingredients for the delicious meals our teams create each day, we do.

Using local suppliers is part of our commitment to the supporting local economies in those areas we provide services, as well as helping to protect the environment and keep costs as low as possible, without compromising on quality, for our customers.

Using local suppliers not only ensures food remains as fresh as possible due to it having a shorter journey, it also cuts down on the amount of travelling for delivery on road or rail – therefore helping to protect the environment.

We think that having close links with the best providers of quality food supplies in our area means we can work directly with them more easily,protect prices and ensure even the very smallest suppliers get a fair deal.

Our suppliers link directly with the end customer too – many of them have visited schools to talk about the journey an ingredient takes to become part of a delicious meal prepared by an Orian kitchen team member.