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School Meals, Healthy Eating and Allergens

Orian are committed to providing meals which meet all the Government’s standards for nutrition for school meals including a wide range of fruits, vegetables and other healthy eating options.

Our menus take into account the need for children to be offered school meals which provide a combination of fibre-rich starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals as well as fruits and vegetables, dairy and protein rich foods.

We adhere to all allergen guidance and our teams are trained and made aware of all potential allergens in our meals and their ingredients.  Our recipes are analysed and details of allergen content provided to our kitchen teams with each menu cycle.

Our kitchen teams work closely with schools, parents and children to provide alternative meals, where possible, for children with food intolerances or dietary requirements.

You can read our Healthy Eating Policy for more information but in short for our primary school meals menus:

  • We use the freshest ingredients possible, sourced from local suppliers
  • Hot meals are prepared freshly every day
  • Our recipes are developed and tested to contain less fat, sugar and salt
  • We bake or steam rather than fry
  • Our menus meet the Government’s National School Meal Standards
  • We don’t use dyes or artificial colouring
  • Chips and fried foods are served no more than once a week
  • There’s no mechanically recovered meats or GM materials in our meals