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Gender Pay Gap 2021 – Orian Solutions Ltd

As a large employer, and in accordance with gender pay legislation, this is our Gender Pay Gap information as of 5 April 2021.

In accordance with Government guidance published on 14 December 2020, employees furloughed under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme during the pay period are not counted as full-pay relevant employees and have not to be included in the calculations relating to mean and median pay, or proportion of men and women in each quartile pay band, they have however been included in the calculations in relation to bonuses.

Mean Gender Pay Gap – 11.98%

Women’s average earnings by hourly rate are 11.98% lower than men’s (compared to 15.5% national average).
We have fixed pay grades for our operational roles which means that our female and male employees are paid equally when they carry out identical roles.

Median Gender Pay Gap – 0%

Whilst we are pleased to note that our gender pay gap is better than the national average we recognise that there is still more to be done to improve it and work towards greater gender pay parity.

Our gender pay gap exists mainly because we have a greater number of female employees (88% female, 12% male) with a higher proportion of women in our lower-level roles. Within society there has historically been an unequal sharing of care responsibilities which has contributed to a higher proportion of women taking career breaks and part-time work, which is generally lower paid. 95% of Orian roles are part-time, term-time or casual. In addition, national data shows that the gender pay gap widens as the age of employees increases, particularly over the age of 40 (Source: ACAS/Government Equalities Office). The average age of an Orian employee is 49.


There are more women than men at every level of the business, 50.3% of female employees are paid in the upper two quartiles this compares to 47.9% of male employees in the same categories.
98% of our roles are operational and lower paid and, therefore, the gender of the people in the organisations’ more highly paid senior roles (only 2% of our roles) have a significant impact on our gender pay gap. For instance, if we were to have a female instead of a male in one of our most senior positions the overall mean gender pay gap would drop from 11.98 % to 10.23%. Similarly if we were to employ more men into our operational roles, while keeping the overall number of employees the same, the gender pay gap would reduce.


1.5% of male employees received a bonus
0.5% of female employees received a bonus
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap – 95.5%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap – 92.8%

During the financial year 2020/21, seventeen employees received a bonus. These were specific performance/sales achievement bonuses which were position related. 14 of bonuses were paid to females. If a female were employed in the most senior position the Median gender bonus gap would reduce to 81.4%.

Our Values and commitment to equality

As a business we are passionate not just about what we achieve but how we achieve it. We are privileged to be able to positively affect the lives of so many committed people in our business and are working to create a supportive, collaborative and values-based culture.

We have invested heavily in our People Management team which includes a dedicated Employee Experience Manager whose focus is to monitor and improve the welfare and satisfaction of our staff. Fairness and Equality lie at the heart of our values-based culture, all positions within our Group are available to any gender and we strongly support and encourage women into senior leadership roles within the Group.

I confirm the accuracy of this report.

Andy Chant
Chief Executive Officer