August 24th, 2018

For most people, the subject of nutrition and what is best placed on our plates can seem confusing. Conflicting advice and new headlines informing us of the latest wonder ingredient appear every week and it’s safe to say that it can be difficult to keep up and trust in what we are hearing through the media.

Providing balanced, healthy meals is important to us and so this month, Orian has been working closely with registered nutritionist Anne Betty in order to verify the nutrition information of the recipes supplied for our school lunches. Having accurate nutrition information available is important to ensure that the levels of fat, sugar and salt is limited in these recipes and so that schools and parents of children with specific dietary requirements can make informed choices about their suitability.

Anne’s experience and knowledge in this specialised field has helped us to gain a better understanding that we can apply to Orian recipes of the future. Anne explained:

“As a nutritionist registered with the Association for Nutrition, I have to demonstrate that I am suitably qualified and meet the rigorous standards for scientifically sound and evidence-based nutrition. I am also required to carry out Continuing Professional Development to ensure my knowledge and skills remain up-to-date. The UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists is the only register of qualified nutritionists recognised by Public Health England, NHS Choices and NHS Careers.

“In order to provide the nutrient content of recipes we have to gather the nutrition values for all the ingredients used and this is obtained using generally established & accepted data or direct from the ingredient manufacturer. The effects of ingredient preparation are taken into consideration along with the number of portions the recipe actually provides however it is widely recognised that it is not possible for foods to always contain the exact quantity of nutrients declared owing to natural variation and variations during food production and storage.”

Anne – our nutrition guru

We do not underestimate our responsibility in providing nearly 15,000 children with their meals each day as school lunches can play an important role in both promoting healthy eating habits to children and ensuring they receive healthy, balanced and nutritious meals that provide the appropriate amounts of energy and nutrients.

Anne’s observations reinforce our determination to keep our mission on-track….to serve up delicious, healthy food that solves much more than a lunchtime tummy rumble:

“Not only does eating well reduce the chances of becoming ill with heart disease, a stroke, diabetes or cancer but it feeds the mind as well. Many studies have shown that children who eat well perform better at school.”

To learn more about food nutrition and the work that Anne does, visit the websites below:

Association for Nutrition