July 6th, 2018

Phew! It’s proving to be a very hot summer indeed and as we enter July, some of our customers can look forward to a long and well deserved break as the anticipated summer holidays approach.

Although the last day of term is just around the corner, our schools certainly aren’t slowing down and there’s been lots of bustling activity to report.

We recently touched base with one of our wheelbarrow competition winners, Greystoke Primary in Penrith. The staff and pupils have been busy at work, spending their winnings and making the most of the glorious weather. Staff explained how the £100 gardening vouchers have been put to use and the ways in which the pupils have been using their handy green fingers and learning about the wonderful world of plants:

“The after school club have planted herbs, vegetables, strawberries and filled all our planters with lovely flowers in the playground. We have had a bumper crop of strawberries which the children have eaten as fast as they have ripened.

“The beans are nearly ready and we will be cooking them for lunch one day next week.”

As well as smelling lovely, plants can also feel very nice too!
Plenty of hands make plants grow
The fruits of our labour
Gardening glory

If you want to read more about our wheelbarrow competition and our winning schools’ reactions to receiving their prizes, read our previous blog post.

Another of our Lunch Shop schools, Greengate Juniors in Barrow-in-Furness, recently held a special lunch in celebration of American Independence Day on July 4th. Of course, we love a theme day and so gladly provided flags, bunting and some very stylish headwear for our lunch servers to make the event extra special. The delicious items on the menu included classic American cheeseburgers, Florida salad, Boston beans and Southern fried chicken. Lovely chocolate brownies were also an option for dessert…delicious.

A scrumptious American feast!
Lunch, USA-style
Serving up

It’s great to see our schools embracing such events and keeping pupils excited and curious about the huge range of foods available to try from around the world. Look out for our Chinese New Year themed lunch in February 2019 – it’s certainly one to rival Greengate’s excellent American options.