Case Studies

Orian will ensure your school kitchen runs smoothly, taking away the worries of employment, health and safety compliance, training, allergens and adhering to nutritional guidelines.

Parkhead Community Primary School – Mandy Tulip, Business Manager

Parkhead Community Primary School, in Tyne and Wear, recently changed its school meals provider to Orian Solutions. Business Manager Mandy Tulip tells their story:

“The catering at the school is the biggest service level agreement we have. I thought it would be complicated and would take up huge amounts of my time.”

“I couldn’t have been more wrong – Orian Solutions was one of the proposals we received back and we were so impressed. When we appointed them, it was the simplest transition between suppliers I have ever known and that was entirely down to Orian. They were there managing the process, in a very tight time frame, every step of the way. And that support hasn’t stopped now they are in place.”

“They looked after all the TUPE arrangements and supported us through that. When it came to the school meals management system, we went to meet the team that look after that and also went to another school to see it in place there.”

“Everything was thought of and was just done. I didn’t feel I had to worry about it.”

“The communication to parents was also great. It just all felt very safe. Orian made it all so easy and took the pain away!”

“One of the reasons we went with Orian was the school meals management system – while we already had our own payment system, the facility for children and their families to also choose meals in advance online was a huge bonus. Everyone really loves it – it’s so easy to use.”

“The other thing that set them apart was the choice – being able to create our own menus has been fantastic. Orian have worked closely with our School Council on creating menus and where the children have wanted to change meal options, that’s happened. The salad bar is brilliant – I’ve started having school meals again myself! Uptake amongst pupils has increased 27% so far.”

“All in all, we’ve seen increased meal numbers, improved service delivery and cost savings. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”